Our People

CIG operates globally, employing over 2 111 employees in 24 offices in more than 26 countries representing over 29 nationalities.

We invest heavily and reward ahead of the curve when it comes to our employees. It takes a unique profile to work for our operations and we believe in showing appreciation to those who fit the bill.

We have a pragmatic drive for performance that delivers organisational value. To this end we drive our people towards their full potential through a range of programmes, examples of which are below:

Programme Initiative Outcome
Leadership development programme We provide opportunities to senior management for academic improvement Four Employees enrolled for MBA at Wits University in 2014. One additional employee enrolled in 2016 Two employees enrolled for MBL at UNISA in 2015 Seven employees in total benefiting from Leadership Development Programme
Learnerships (P1 – P2) We develop, empower and enable our employees through ongoing training and development and enable them to get a full National qualification.

Nine new learners enrolled in 2014.

2015: 16 students enrolled in the learnership programme in 2015.

13 enrolled in the learnership programme for 2016

Engineer–in-training (EIT) programme

We provide job opportunities for newly qualified engineers through our Engineer In Training Programme.

These students are provided the opportunity to become junior engineers within the organisation on completion of their studies.

Each year we take on 90% of the students that we develop through our learnership programme.

2014: Five EITs
2015: Eight EITs
2016: 21 EITs

Employee Development Programme/ Bursary Scheme Employees are provided opportunities to advance in their studies in order to enhance their functions and add value to the company’s goals and objectives.

Six employees registered for a National qualification through the bursar programme since 2012.

Currently 64 employees are actively registered at various institutions