At CIG we are committed to delivering shareholder value while empowering communities and protecting the environment. We believe there is an interdependence between achieving our strategic growth objectives and promoting economic growth in the wider sense.
We have adopted an incremental approach to reporting on non-financial performance aiming year-on-year for more detailed disclosure on material economic, social and environmental indicators.

Health and Safety


  • Reduced safety incidents
  • LTIFR 0,11 (Conco SA and Conco International)

We acknowledge our responsibility to our employees and therefore comply with applicable legislation regarding quality, safety and health. We aim to create a safe working environment by managing occupational incidents and conducting external audits and self-assessments in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Environmental conservation

We recognise that certain of our activities have an impact on the environment and we strive to minimise this by regularly reviewing our activities and our compliance through self-assessments, risk management and health and safety reviews.

The social & ethics committee has responsibility for the oversight, execution, reporting and review of our environmental responsibility.

Corporate Social Investment

We are focused on building a legacy of good corporate citizenship. We engage in a range of development projects and community relations activities by allocating funding support as well as resources. These promote the sustainable welfare within our surrounding communities.

In line with our focus on infrastructure, we endeavour to help build and deepen the local engineering skills pools in Africa through student bursaries and electrical and civil engineering internships.

Each business manages its CSI programme and is committed to spending at a minimum 1% of NPAT.

Our uplifment, upskilling and job creation efforts are evidenced in the following testimonials:

  • upskilling the Community
  • upskilling in action
  • commitment to technology
  • New Soyo facility
  • Supporting enterprise development


Our approach to governance is based on the King III RAFT principles – responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency – which translate into ongoing self and independent evaluation, improving disclosure and succession planning.

Our board of directors retains full and effective control over the group and monitors the decentralised executive management decisions in the subsidiary companies. Click here to view CIG’s King III checklist 2016


We have developed a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) compliance strategy, specific to each division, which includes familiarising employees with our BEE plan and codes of good practice, increased attention on supplier choices and active recruiting to build a strong organisation.