The Power & Electricity division supplies high voltage infrastructure to the energy sector through Conco.

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Conco is South Africa’s largest high voltage engineering company and the leading provider of turnkey solutions for electricity supply in over 20 African countries. The company offers a full in-house engineering capability, driven by qualified engineers

Established in 1986, Conco has successfully completed over 1 000 projects collaborating with governments, utilities, municipalities, mining houses, the industrial sector and finance houses as well as in capital investment schemes.

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Headquarters in Midrand, South Africa


Consolidated Power Maintenance

Consolidated Power Maintenance is a subsidiary of CIG established to address the needs of the renewable energy sector and the growing maintenance backlog in South Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Its scope of services include:

  • comprehensive operations and maintenance for wind and solar projects
  • infrastructural components for wind farms
  • condition assessment of substations
  • renovation and upgrades of substation equipment
  • oil analysis for transformers
  • emergency support
  • strategic inventory management

The company’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) offering is a logical extension to CONCO’s existing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) business.

Consolidated Power Maintenance has a wealth of experience in the electromechanical operations of wind turbines and tracking systems for PV farms, the traditional maintenance for municipalities and utilities from distribution networks to high voltage transmission substations, as well as all aspects of site operations from basic tasks of scheduled maintenance to more advanced interrogations of inverter, Control Systems and SCADA.

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Headquarters in Midrand, South Africa



Based in Mauritius, CIGenCo a subsidiary of CIG was established with the objective of developing, structuring, investing in and overseeing the construction and operations of power generating assets, focussing primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa.

With the severe undersupply of electricity, which is further compounded by a relatively high economic growth rate, there are tremendous opportunities in the power sector throughout the continent. In addition, the African continent is blessed with an abundance of natural energy resources (renewable as well as fossil fuel) that vary according to the region.

Sub-Saharan Africa consists of a number of countries with a unique combination of resources, requirements, regulatory framework, social norms and practices. Accordingly, CIGenCo does not offer a one-size fits all energy solution, but instead offers solutions that take into consideration the available resources and the characteristic of the demand as well as the local regulatory structures and practices. In this regard, CIGenCo leverages the unique capabilities of the wider CIG group facilitating competitive advantages in the following areas:

  • General knowledge about the cultural and legal norms and practices on the continent
  • Environmental, social awareness and the commitment to improve quality of life
  • Knowledge of the African power sector (resources and requirements)
  • Extensive experience working in the power sector throughout the continent
  • Network of relationships with African stakeholders (utilities, ministers, consultants)
  • Technical knowledge and relationships with technology providers
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of financiers to get closure

Although remaining open to all technology, CIGenCo has placed special emphasis on partnering with developers in providing power solutions in the following areas:

  1. Small conventional IPPs and captive generation
  2. Cogeneration
  3. Renewables

Through CIG, CIGenCo has a broad range of knowledge and experience, and a solid network to successfully take these power projects from conceptualisation to operation.

Headquarters in Midrand, South Africa